struggle to become independent

PaperBag_01Dear sir/ma’am,


I am  Vilas Shinde. Who is suffering from an ATAXIA from last Ten plus year. As the subject tells this email is regarding the purchase of Paper bags made by Vilas to sustain his lively hood (would saymore than to earning few hundred here is a struggle to live dignified life in this challenging period of ours).

Attached are the few images of paper bags, its dimensions are ~23.5 cm X 25 cm (width x length) the last two pictures have the sticker saying this paper bag is made from ATAXIA patient.

Till last month Vilas used to earn 1000 rupees by selling 500 bags, costing 2 rupees per bag but the lone customer said they are having difficult time selling these bags and hence cannot purchase from this month onwards. Vilas is writing with utmost humbleness that your organization will fill this void left by lone customer by marketing the handmade paper bags.

Hoping to hear you positively from you on his earnest appeal.

I am also attaching the article appeared on sept month ‘Golden sparrow’ weekly magazine dated 22 Sept’14, page 11 on Vilas story and fight with ATAXIA. Please do read this and reach him at the earliest.


Yours sincerely,

Vilas shinde

942 073 1096


vilas article

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