Ataxian awarded for spirit to help

IMG-20150728-WA0039IMG-20150728-WA0040IMG-20150728-WA0041IMG-20150728-WA0042IMG-20150728-WA00431888928_966325133408437_2201824269749541976_o 1891501_966329083408042_3516017601840973688_o 10497223_966330316741252_357363189252857859_o (1) 10497223_966330316741252_357363189252857859_o 10668667_966330150074602_378841140486658631_o 10993971_966329283408022_7291666053051565020_o 11035628_966332546741029_7636145618664353464_o 11037504_999051683469115_5073512484454690881_o 11038265_999052570135693_7526042710087299328_o 11050190_966332113407739_2796533919473018496_o 11102920_999054703468813_5428720319286979203_o 11129910_999056210135329_2345793134767067848_o 11140213_999050183469265_4659577613040892946_o (1) 11140213_999050183469265_4659577613040892946_o 11149788_999053810135569_9111886394543918691_oFor last 15 years of ataxia awareness and support to patients of ataxia swasti  wagh  was awarded by Indian government speaker swasti  being an fa ataxia ptnt she n her parents from indore are very active and  voluntarily doing this noble work

their families have ever coordinated and organized several çamp ffor years  medical care of atzxàns n blood test dna check  diagnosed ataxia also gave moral n mental strength to ataxians  gui dedicated  how to fight ataxia n still planning to oorrganize nayional level campaign on dna research n drug  trials on different type of ataxia for future or   nxt  new generation so dey dont suffer  ss we did

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