ataxians need oppurtunity & not symphthay

hello pune & all net users as u all know raising awareness about ataxia is d main goal of AACT  ataxia awareness charitable trust so we ataxians frm pune are planning or willing to try & organise an blood donation camp for which we all r trying very hard but few society members of dapodi nearby our colony kate residency r unwilling to give permissions of helping us start dis noble event blood is life when we can donate blood inspite of our rare nuero disorder why cant all humans be positive & help each others all we need is bit of support b coz managing everything on wheel chairs is not easy but we still fight out ataxia we feel ATAXIA CAN NOT DEFEAT US , so why do society public mock at diabled people & cause aggrevating their pains instead of easing out & lending their helping hands by any means if you cant help atleast dont create hurdles for few stupid orthodox pyschology grow up guys we r in 21st century which may soon end due 2 global warming or any other reasons

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