aact pune celebrates iaad 2012

Sorry i am 5 days late…….. On 25th Sept’ 2012 we Celebrated International Ataxia Awarness Day at home on low profile by ATAXIA AWARNESS CHARITABLE TRUST, Low Profile because v invited all ataxia’s but nobody can make it due to in-mobility problem expect we both. Movements is the main problem for the ataxians patients. After 25th i fall down and twisted my leg that’s why i m late in this blog. Only Ritu Goyal Madam and Mr.Rajesh Nair Uncle turned up and v all had a delicious cake cut by Vivek & Guruprasad which was brought  by Ritu madam…… they have suggested to orangise Blood Donation Camp for the Noble Cause on the Name of Trust, which we all trustee felt good and decided to conduct in our society premises only but the secretary of club house in our society rejected the offer for organising the camp because of silly reason’s bcoz the commitee is very narrow minded and non supportive. We all are disappointed by the decision of Managing Commitee – Kate Residency Society.

But we will try hard and arrange the Blood Donation Camp.

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