Rehab home for ataxia

hello every 1 as u know what is ataxia if not i may tell you its a neurological disorder

the word “ATAXIA” is derived from the Greek word “A TAXIS ” meaning ” without order or coordination ” people with ataxia have problem’s with coordination because  parts of the nervous system that controls movements & balance are affected severely this is due to cells in the cerebrum area of the brain  are dead which cant be regenerated this is a neurological problem  research is still going on at present their no known medication for controlling / curbing ataxia ataxians balance & coordination are affected first coordination of hands arms legs whole body & slurring of speech are few common symptoms of ataxia walking writing & even eating becomes difficult they become slowly dependent on their parents or close relatives for sustenance but there is nobody to look after them after parents are gone

hence Rehabilitation  home center  is must necessary for care taking of ataxia suffer’s even in small day to day affairs like ( bathing eating walking dressing up bathroom etc etc) hence  the AACT (ATAXIA AWARENESS CHARITABLE TRUST has been formed and legally registered its main aim is welfare & care taking of ataxia patients for which we have to build a Rehabilitation center  (rehab home means construction of small home where like people will stay under one roof and a unit of physiotherapy  & Research will be added by a doctor & manager few care givers will look after the ataxia home

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