Way To Help
Best way to help SAMAG is by enrolling/joing as a volunteer. SAMAG is a NON POLITICAL & NON RELIGIOUS BODY. How to get Involved-SAMAG offers you the option to join as….

Sponsor a Ataxian,
Fund raising events & Make a donation.
Join as a Volunteer Get registered as a volunteer; voice your views, throw ideas, and share the work with the most active and usability community in Hyderabad, India.

Express yourself:

What areas of development are you interested in?
What kind of social works do you want to do or learn about?
Join as a Volunteer

How do you want to help SAMAG

Do you want to provide SAMAG with some professional expertise in your free time?
Do you want to visit Ataxia Victims and volunteer?
Do you want to donate money? We would assign you a role that meets your interests and you can begin to be apart of us.
Roles of involvement

Professional Expertise:

Helping SAMAG with your professional talents can sometimes only take minutes or hours of your time. But, this small effort can be of fantastic use to SAMAG. It gives you a platform to shape up your professional skills.
If you are from Information Technology you can help us in maintaining our website.
If you are a Writer, you can help SAMAG by writing articles, grant proposal, etc.
If you have Multimedia skills, you can help SAMAG by creating presentations, advertisements, webpage designs, etc.
If you are a Medical professional, you can advise SAMAG on health services training material. Roles of involvement

Volunteer your time:

Those of you who have the time to visit the victims and counsel them…
These volunteers can provide us with a first-hand account of the issue the Victims are trying to address and the manner in which they carry their day to day activities.
Roles of involvement

Word of Mouth:

Talk about SAMAG to your friends and help in spreading the awareness across. This is a very important service you can perform. The more people know about SAMAG, the more awareness we spread.
Use SAMAG as a source to learn about Documenting work, Advertising or other NGOs, that perform projects, so that you can expand your reach and increase your knowledge about the social work being undertaken by SAMAG.
Our support group works towards gathering essential commodities like wheel Chairs, walkers, medicines, computers etc., these would be distributed among physically challenged members of SAMAG.
It is our aspiration to establish a disabled friendly SAMAG Rehabilitation Center.
Sponsor an Ataxian
Wheel Chairs/ Walkers
Medical kits
Knee pads,Waist belts
Formal Education at the Local primary School/ College
Vocational training & life skills education at their premises
Clothing & bedding
A healthy & nutritious diet – 3 meals per day
Ongoing medical care
Computers Sponsors are encouraged to visit SAMAG office as a volunteer, so that they can first see the impact of their donation.
Fundraising Events- In our attempt to raise indigenous resources,

we do fund raising in many ways:

Corporate partnerships.
SAMAG T-Shirts.
SAMAG Watches.
Donation Boxes.
Press & Electronic Advertisement.
Greeting Cards.
Organize Small Canteen or Tea Party.
Conduct fund raising events at various Institutions and Corporate Levels.

Funding for Projects:

We have projects that we would like to get involved with, but due to a lack of funding we are unable to. You can help us here.


Some of you might be interested in helping SAMAG with financial assistance.
The donations go a long way in helping SAMAG achieving its goals and assist with the work we are undertaking.
Donations to SAMAG are managed by experienced professionals under the guidance of the Board’s Finance Committee.
The use of funds is monitored and evaluated closely. At any point, SAMAG maintains transparency in fund management. In case of donating us commodities like Walkers,Wheel Chairs (used/functionalWheel Chairs), Computers (Old /functional ones).
Any other items which you believe will help us to share among our physically challenged members of SAMAG, you are most welcome.
Please explain us clearly if you like to donate or send in your contributions in any other method. A little help makes a diffrence.
STRENGTHS OF SAMAG Received assistance from Local and International trusts like… Mass Institute of Rural development- MIRD. International Foundations like National ATAXIA Foundation-USA NAF (www.ataxia.org).
Received assistance from “Mill hill Ministries”
GMR (Varalakshmi Foundation)
Lions Club of Charminar.
Recognition and received assistance from “Rare diseases India”(Dr.Durainswamy Navneetham)
All India Institute of Medical Science(AIIMS,New Delhi, Free DNA tests for ataxians by Dr.Rajeshwari,Additional Professor,AIIMS)
Recognition of SAMAG and its services by Orchid Pharmacetuicals company,Chennai.
All these organizations which have appreciated our professional work and strategic thinking towards Ataxia and MD sufferers.
This support has enabled SAMAG to enhance its public profile to assist and extend to the reach of Ataxians
.Our support group entirely depends upon charity grants, fund raising events, donations, etc.
We need your helping hand to support our cause, to spread awareness and to work for welfare of ataxians and MD sufferers in the society.
Even a little help can make difference.


To organize awareness meets at any group gatherings (colleges, events)
To build up a team of like minded people to serve for the betterment of SAMAG VISION
To build up a team of all the disabled people and work to create self employment
To raise funds for the LONG TERM GOAL OF SAMAG society
To provide skillful training sessions for all the like minded volunteers to update the latest information in the market.
SAMAG,s Long Term Goal and Vision is to Build “Devoted Ataxia Care Centre”

SAMAG Dream Project :

Our dream is to help the fellow ataxia patients and other people with your support so that they can also achieve their dreams. Our Dream project is to set-up a Lifestyle clinic which can provide services for everyone in our society to be carried out by professionals.
Such as:

Stress Management
Psychological Interventions
Physiotherapy (Physical therapy)
Occupational therapy
Genetic counseling
Diet Management
Speech therapy

We aspire to provide “Devoted Ataxia Care Centre” services all Under One Roof to Ataxia and other movement disorder patients (like Muscular dystrophy patients) Free of cost and also to provide these services to general people at nominal charge,If you can support this noble cause by making our dream come true our entire ataxia community will be grateful to you for your generous helping hand.

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