Ataxia Awareness Charitable Trust


                                          Registration No:E-5748

Office address: Kate Residency, Flat no 116 A, A wing, 4th floor, S.T Road, Dapodi, Pune .

 Maharashtra. INDIA. Contact – 020 27143184; +91 9730895840

Dear Sir/Madam

It is with great humility and happiness that we announce the establishment of Pune’s first support group for Ataxia. Registered under the Charity Commissioner on 9th of September 2011 the Ataxia Awareness Charitable Trust (AACT) aims to promote awareness about Ataxia and to promote and encourage the support and participation of benevolent citizens towards the improvement of the life of Ataxians.

Ataxia is a progressive condition that causes loss of coordination of body parts and mal-functioning of motor nerves. The main cause of Ataxia is mal-functioning of the Cerebellum. As of now, this condition has no known cure and patients, due to loss of mobility, are compelled to remain confined to their homes. In our country there is also stigma attached to the condition due to the genetic nature of some forms of the disease.

To help Ataxia sufferers, the AACT will focus on:

  • Help and assistance to poor ataxia students for education by way of cash or in kind
  • Scholarships as well as loan scholarships to deserving Ataxia students
  • Distribute prizes to deserving, outstanding and meritorious Ataxia students
  • Spreading awareness about Ataxia disorders and to provide information and counseling in coping to live with Ataxia to sufferers, their family members as well as medical community and general people and to create a forum for Ataxians
  • Organize meetings and seminars to generate knowledge on Ataxia disorders and also to share information about medical, educational grants and other benefits to which they are entitled
  • Helping needy AACT members in obtaining support like wheel chairs, walkers, medicines, etc., according to our financial resources and gather volunteers to help our cause
    To help AACT fulfill its objectives we request you to contribute generously to the organization. Help one Ataxian live his life with dignity and with a hope for tomorrow.NOTE :  CROSSED CHEQUES or (RTGS/NEFT)  CAN BE DRAWN IN FAVOUR OF ATAXIA AWARENESS CHARITABLE TRUST

A/C NO – 212200101006693 IFSC CODE – CORP0002122 SWIFT CODE – CORPINBB

Visit us at our blog :

              Thanking You


                                                                                                  K Hanumantha Rao

                                                                                          Managing Trustee for -AACT

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