Synopsis on 5th Anniversary of (SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP) India.

Greetings from SAMAG:
Synopsis on 5th Anniversary of (SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP) India.
By Chandu George:
Hello and a warm welcome to everyone at the very outset would take this opportunity to wish all on this auspicious day i,e 5th anniversary and founding day of “Seek a miracle ataxia group”(SAMAG),the journey of SAMAG which began five years ago with a primary cause for ataxia cause by  providing awareness, forming  a group and working for the welfare of ataxians with help of handful of supporters and well-wishers of SAMAG, Over the years SAMAG  has grown with help of dedicated volunteers into a large SAMAG family  with a wide based approach of not only limiting SAMAG activities to ataxia cause only but also gradually worked on other important social issues like promotion of green earth concept, Tree plantation, Eco-friendly bags(No plastics bags concept),Barrier free environment, Leadership and personality development sessions and last but not the least providing young fresh graduates the perfect platform to develop and nurture their skills here in SAMAG which paved the way for successfully  securing Jobs in their respective fields.
                                                         SAMAG is in its sixth year of serving for the welfare of ataxia community and our society and all this has been possible only because of our dedicated volunteers, On behalf of entire SAMAG family we extend our heartiest and warmest pleasantries and many thanks to all our SAMAG volunteers, supporters and well-wishers for constantly showering SAMAG with their dedicated service, truth and support and anticipate the same support for SAMAG in future also.
Best wishes,
Seek a Miracle Ataxia Group (India)

Thanks  and  Regards,
Chandu George,


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