Ataxia is not contagious

dont know why public & few narrow minded society groups fail to understand ataxia is a nuerological problem  then how can it spread only by touch ?? no way it is a just a internal nervous disorder where  we r mentally very sound only physically dependent even though they can not think broadly,  globally there r loads of ataxian & muscular dystrophy  plenty of types of it many are slowly but gradually grooming themselves in 21st century but with aid of required support which is present in abroad but lacking @ india so if we have to develop plzz help us b coz lots n lots of people think rather fear if they touch or help any neurological disorder guy they too will land up in same problem or get infected thus leading to withdraw their support for example me & my brother studied in normal schools but during initial stages of ataxia we graduated amongst gud public with lots of help from every co student who even now after 25 years r pretty sound having gr8 posts few r doc/police etc none is suffering then why does not pune accept us ataxians they look us at disgust etc do not care for us leave aside help they are not preferring to hear what many say we too are counted just give us few chances & see what magic its a gr8 feeling to help an disabled group reduced their family sorrows just speak to them bring them in light help them you cannot be in danger of getting infected i m sure 500% our parents n care takers are getting old & physically lack stamina to handle us so its up to you society we appeal for help kindly co operate

FA has been mis-diagnosed so often even now, and before Dr. Friedreich’s it
didn’t officially exist, I’m not surprised you don’t know of it for sure.
After you and your sister get DNA tested you can ask better questions about
history. In such a small population instead of the FA gene multiplying it
may have languished and the probability may be much smaller than 1/50000. If
both of you have the classic FA DNA then you’ll know the line goes back from
both mom and dad. Good luck.

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