Raising MS awareness with art, food and sport

MS societies are using art, food and sport to raise awareness and funds.

MS Walk in Mumbai

The MS Society of India's VIth MS Walk, January 2011The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India held its VIth MS Walk on 23 January 2011, at the Indian Gymkhana in Mumbai.

Over 400 people, including people with MS, caregivers, doctors, celebrities, volunteers and friends all gave their Sunday morning to raise awareness of MS, and funds for the society’s work. Colourful banners and placards around the Gymkhana grounds helped reinforce the mssage.

Anita Vesuvala, MSSI Hon Sec, spoke about the MSSI outreach programmes and patient activities with great passion; and gave an in-depth insight into the daily challenges faced by people with MS and their caregivers.

At the event, the YMSG – MSSI’s Youth MS Group – was inaugurated by Eesha Koppikar.

Marathon effort

Jyoti Ronghe in Mumbai Marathon January 2011In India, Jyoti Ronghe, an activist with the MS Society of India, took part in the Mumbai Marathon on 16 January 2011 to raise the profile of MS. Assisted by her brother, Jyoti was one of 350 people to complete the 2.5km event for wheelchair users.

Jyoti said, “This is my second year to participate in this race. I intend to make the general public aware about MS and to seek the attention of Government policy-makers to the needs and problems of persons with neurological problems affecting their physical activities.”

Two people ran the full marathon for MSSI: Milind Soman & Soumil Rastogi; and two ran the Half Marathon: Dilip Modi & Pranjal Wagh.


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