if ataxia didnt strike would hv be gr8 chef

 hi what 2 do my hobby from childhood was cooking i m a gud cook but gosh what to do have 2 forget my passion of home science but still now i havent given hope once every few weeks my mum now assits me while i cook the 50% job is done by her cutting preparations etc but after she makes everything ready i lovingly go 2 cook make few experiments in cooking which i tried few years in hostel too & europe also but slowly my hands r getting wild i many time injure myself by falling down knocking down utensils etc stamp & skid on water / oil etc  but inspite i get bad injury i luv my passion also many relatives friends & neighbors do ask many time my special recipes its a gr8 fun to help mom but due 2 ataxia my passion is fading due 2 fear of parents that we may get involved in some unforced dangers , similarly i luved riding bikes n playing cricket for india but dreams are just unfulfilled dreams ?? they haunt in sleep thus disturbing my blood pessure & looing temper kya karu dil to bachha hai ji kaun samjahye isse have 2 curb n be practical right or wrong yo friends believe in god miracles do happen unless without protection of caring power how or who saved us from danger / just now while crawling from chair to dinnig table stood up n fell down on our fridge but gr8 escape i wasnt hurt a bit but i m crying b coz mum is feeling pain of our injuries also when parents are ill due to old age they search 4 help but even we wish cant do that physically , what a agony whatzz written in our dark future dont know just be dabangg be calm n happy 75% but due 2 few incidents they are more in pain when many telemarkting agents show wrong hope n loot us just we r being exploited by amway dxn herbal life wellness group & many more cum insult us & go giving serious tblts which give more sidefffects & we aggreavate our pain when will pune get educated of ataxia?? you all hv 2 open and think logically we cant be just encahsed by any tom dick n harryhv 2 upbring a awareness in a new modern revolutniary way with help of media & televion & radio may be go on air give interviews or any institues can include us for debates .. 1 thing i still fail to understand why does not any research are not done on ataxia if in pune / maharashtra india plzz let me know on vivekrao1979@yahoo.com

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