why can’t pune organize wheelchair marathon

recently on jan 17 2011 mumbai has organized a unique marathon from many years many ngo’s & few groups specially disabled groups have been given proudly taken part in it. this year only 350 wheelchair movers could be part of it & many more other types of disability organizations  took part on behalf of them lots n lots of senior citizens general public famous celebrities politicians etc along with wide live coverage of media news channels journalists etc also ran bottom line was many spl ngo’s like MSSI multiple sclerosis club spinal cord injury club mentally ill clubs etc were given adequate platform to pitch their voice / identity amongst huge crowd addressed to government or many corporates so can pune too host a unique marathon which would give us a nice change & may be we could attract much needed Ataxia awareness also along with other social motives which is mainly to stop unborn baby infants killing via reducing female population an serious crime which many educated public too are part of it simply on basis of gender why kill unborn babies  y dont every one use brains if they dont want child just be safe prevent it dont kill hasnt god given mercy in hearts of the clinics or doctors who help to increase female infantociede equal or more danger to murder or suicide?? think public wake up we are in year 2011 where soon wrong predictions of doomsday world/sun getting near to end etc why live in a trauma guys live every moment wisely try to help humanity if cant dont ruin it just be calm n cool witness to greatest gift from god . when we all know every one has 2 die a day why not do some good work or stop others doing wrong help few needy and caring hands

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