inspite of creation of awareness marketers cash ataxia patients right or wrong??

hello friends we are extremely hurt to inform Pune that in spite of our efforts to create ataxia awareness & withstand by all neurological disorders still public lack to understand what we try to say instead the whole bunch of  health telemarketers  Amway dxn herbal-life wellness group & etc are striving extremely hard to sell their products showing wrong hopes n visions leading us in more trouble physically & finacially many are on verge of getting bpl wake up guys have u no morals when a patient is in trouble arent they ashamed no morality just their goals are make money even from mentally disturbed patients as they are preys when would pune’s society get aware that disability is to be respected and not make money from their hard earned savings kept for their securing dark future so media & net users plzz say no or help us to make them understand actually we can sue all the big companies we know they r gud but their products each above rs 100 daily for few years would ruin us & when it has not even .5% gud effect on our immunity cant they just shut 2 lure us weaklings if you cant support us y are they still pushing in to the hands of extra misery some one has to stop them

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