Synopsis on IAAD-2010 conducted by (SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP) India.

International Ataxia Awareness Day-2010



Greetings from SAMAG:

Synopsis on IAAD-2010 conducted by (SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP) India.


Farhat unnisa rayees & Sai Kiran.


Everyday  has is own importance as this small day is a part of bigger picture called International ataxia awareness day, In this present era there are days dedicated to world disability day, AIDS awareness day etc to name a few which makes us realize that even in this busy life there are some dedicated days which require our attention, similarly we like to draw your attention towards September 25th which is celebrated as International ataxia awareness day (IAAD) which is an effort by international ataxia organizations around the world to draw attention towards a lesser known condition called ataxia by dedicating  September 25th for ataxia cause and providing information on this condition to affected persons, their families, friends and general people.

SAMAG celebrated 25th September 2010 with great enthusiasm and fervor by making an effort to create awareness about ataxia to general people in India, The event was started by lighting of the lamp in order to seek blessings of almighty for this noble cause. To enlighten the ataxians and participants of this event a poem was recited by an SAMAG volunteer which was originally written by an ataxia affected person by dedicating the poem to SAMAG.

As the event progressed a Power Point Presentation (PPT) was projected showing in detail about the symptoms and causes of ataxia along with the ways through which an individual can contribute their help for the welfare of ataxia affected victims. To make people understand the practical difficulties faced by an ataxian physically and emotionally a skit was enacted and played by volunteers garnering a huge response from audience present there, the insights of this condition was made crystal clear for everyone. Later on speeches were given by the eminent chief guest for the event Dy.Commisioner.Income tax-Mr..V.S.Prasad Sastry and prominent social activist LaxmiKanthi who emphasized and applauded  SAMAG for its efforts of raising awareness and working towards welfare of ataxians and its cause in whole India, later on IAAD proclamation was signed by Chief Neurologist Dr,Anni Hasan(Kamineni hospitals,Hyederabad) followed by a speech by her student (Mr.Wasim Lone) specialized in the field of ataxia research who gave clear insights on how genes played in determining ataxia condition and what kind of research is needed as well as current research being done by reputed ataxia organizations around the world namely by NAF(USA).The IAAD event was also simultaneously celebrated across Indian cities wherever SAMAG chapters/Branches were there such as SAMAG Indore chapter and SAMAG pune chapter, the entire event was well anchored by farhat and well supported by SAMAG volunteers led by Satish kumar,Jyotsana,chang lee,sai kiran,Sundeep,Praveen,Maha Lakshmi,Laxmikanth, dattu,bapji,vennela and other SAMAG volunteers and supporters. Later on SAMAG volunteers showcased their handmade goods such as Eco friendly bags,T-shirts which were put up for sale of which the proceeds will go for welfare of ataxia cause, though the event was a huge success it was the result of months of precious efforts put in by dedicated volunteers as the saying goes success comes to those who make a step towards it, As a token of gratitude SAMAG honored its volunteers who worked sincerely with great dedication and passion, this gesture certainly boosted up the spirits of its volunteers to work more relentlessly for this noble cause.


Finally the vote of thanks was given by Mr. George(Sr) thanking the chief guests and the participants for sharing their views on the occasion of this meet and expressed  heartfelt thanks for the entire SAMAG team (Volunteers) for their collective efforts in making this event a grand success and conveyed special thanks on behalf of SAMAG to entire SAMAG Partners like Lions club of Charminar, GMR (Vara Lakshmi Foundation), Sri Narayani Peetham, Share a Service, Hands of Compassion(Guntur), Kamineni Hospitals (Hyderabad),S9 Consultancy(Chief consultant SAMAG), Confederations of NGOs of Rural India (New-Delhi), National Ataxia Foundation (USA), Babel FAmily  and our special mention of our appreciation and whole-hearted thanks to National ataxia foundation(USA) for supplying with all IAAD related items and  Ataxia Literature.

The event signed off in a unique way with a heart touching SAMAG theme song Sung by all SAMAG members, volunteers and later on all participants joined in to lend their voice to show their support and work for welfare of Ataxia persons and promote awareness in our society followed by a lip smacking dinner, As its popularly known that “the way to heart starts from the mouth”.


Best wishes,

Seek a Miracle Ataxia Group


To view some Photos of this Event Online, Click on this Link Below:

Thanks  and  Regards,
Chandu George,

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