To Be Fit n Healthy

In today’s fast world to be healthy is most important thing n difficult to maintain.

My self Guruprasad to be fit i come across morning walker,stand cycling, butterfly,streching,dips, be fit i do the above for 1 hour in morning n evening.

After doing exercise i am healthy n feel relax with peace of mind.i started doing exercise seeing my father who do regular 2 times in morning n evening for 2 hours.

due to courtesy,gift of Dr.vatasla who is professor of anatomy in D.Y.Patil College, i attended camp of yoga by swami ramdev maharaj. the camp was for 7 days and i enyoyed a lot at moning 4.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m

i also attended sudarshan kriya by swami ravi shankar.

i do fusion of all the above yoga asansas to be cool and healthy daily.

in spite of ataxia i do the above in morning and evening for 1 hour to be focused and straight forward.

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