Ataxia will not Defeat us !!- Vilas Shinde

hey buddies i m vilas aged 34 from pimpri living with ataxia from past 15 yrs in-spite of ataxia trying to grab me fully no ways i wont fall a prey in the hands of ataxia i challenge every ataxian as i have managed to restrict ataxia & have successfully tried to stop my deterioration i can bring many 2 raise levels of their’s to gr8 stage instead of losing hope i will mentor my friends how to cope against ataxia as its very simple just require patience & bit of routine hard work my routine is daily twice physiotherapy for 2 hrs  control of diet stick to veg stuff only  rest for ample time but we have to chalk out our routine as if we r under going serious makeover of life with full faith also with a tinge of spiritual grace always think we r living with ataxia & not suffering with it don’t think of ataxia is the best medicine  always be happy n be ever ready to face all challenges with an good smile my passion is singing songs of all types so keep on humming bit loud part of speech therapy follows simple & small steps as per your limits but regularity is must give me one reason why should we compromise think ourselves inferior no boys n girls we all are same just matter of view if we say we are best no one can dominate you don;t fall prey to easy but bad habits which make you forget our sorrows & reduce span of our lives be brave it’s only due to lack of awareness in society they neglect us  pity or rather give us a grim feel   we have to change whole opinion even few % by making ourselves strong & prove the world we too are a part of community though we look bit different with your support we can have a gud life

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