young kid having ataxia who is responsible?

hello friends i am sanjay salunke aged 6 yrs i was diagnosed  hereditary cerebellar ataxia from last 3 years so tell me whom 2 blame is it my fate ?? or my parents who in-spite of knowing our family tree had marriage within or amongst close by cousins  ?? as my grand parents distant relative as she lived with same ataxia from age 15 up-till 50 now she is no more!! so plzz tell me what ever reason may be i had onset of ataxia @ age of 3 years i was a healthy boy but just had struck with high brain fever later on my weight reduced a lot resulting into non resistance weak stamina to fight even cold & fever , i used to fall heavily injuring my body a lot , slowly i couldn’t  play run or  walk straight or climb even few stairs at school all used to mock & make fun of my grim situation but none came forward to support or encourage me so making my infancy more worsened after my vision slowly reduced twice or thrice we had to change schools due to the administrator felt their school name is at stake is it ataxia is not contagious thus they advised to study from home come on its very harsh my parents & sister have 2 help me right from morning to night why cant i go to normal schools ?? why 2 society look me as if i m alien or a virus bomb i want to study a lot become an ips/ias/cid cop will my dreams will be fulfilled why cant i play with everyone

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