Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

akshay 14 yrs old young boy is living with DMD from last 10 years it was an tremendous shock for a kid & family unable to understand what was DMD & why should it ruin the life of kid some outward signs that lead to a diagnosis of DMD are unusually large calf muscles , waking of tiptopes run “funny” trouble with stairs . Diagnosis confirmed using several tests blood tests to detect any enzyme (CPK – Creatine Phosphokinase) that leaks into blood leading to degeneration of muscles , muscle biopsy dna pcr analysis cpk analysis after 25th may 2003 the counts shooted up to 25000 instead of normal range is 22 to 200 maximum hence forth akshay was unable to walk his weight keeps increasing fast also now his spine is bending a big curve has been formed previously in childhood also he had difficulties in getting up walking was impossible only few cmntrs that to if anyone lifts his huge leg shifts to other step pushing his upper body etc phew!!!!!!! too hard the waddling motions kept rapidly increasing now from past 6 years he is totally on bed. but despite of severe hardships akshay is ever happy not at all depressed hats off to his amazing will power he is born fighter his fond to learn anything whole day busy with study very sharp an accurate in maths he loves it he too watches tv but only informative channels discovery nat geo etc cartoons he is afraid of doctors feels they may harm him more so wants 2 be aloof so guys give a round of applause & llove to akshay whose life span too is fixed uptill age 25 cant say he may live long than 6 years ie 2020 he will be liberated from all tragedy and pain

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