narrow escape from Episodic ataxia – atul shirsagar

hello frnds im atul aged 27 live at yerewada pune maharashtra just before few years in december 2006 just escaped narrowly from the jaws of cerebellar ataxia ??? how as i got high fever which later devoloped in clumsy movements slurred speech lack of balance co ordination when i was in frst yr of my ba which forced me on bed i was unable to walk alone 2 steps stamina to work also hampered all this went on for 1 yr by gods grace i later knew i was just a small trailer attack of episodic ataxia but i was entirely shocked i went in trauma depressed a lot brooded over my life and even made 3 attempts to end or close down my life but no way my parents guided me well that i m not alone ataxian 2 suffer from it , even my dr and psycatrisits mended my mind gave a new turn to my life , i slowly devolped immense will power and just accepted myself as i am it wasnt easy as i closely looked at life of my younger brother who is deaf n dumb he made me understand that  glass of life is not half empty its actually filled just half so he was my main mentor to positive thinking i had given up due 2 shame of public cant hear theirs pokes jokes on my condition instead of support or pity me people just made me feel worse by forcing me to become alcholic they said i was born drunkard inspite of my humble rqusts thee fellow society failed to understand me that time i made resolution to help out buddy who r may be suffering from ataxia or just any other deformities just god has made us for some special purpose which was to be explored by me . ATUL IS DOING GOOD job now he owns a hair saloon and daily fights out ataxia by styling every ones hairstyles cutting or shaving daily few people but due to ataxia public has reduced from 5 to just 1 he enjoys his battle with ataxia smilingy but due 2 stroke of episodic ataxia his movements hv hampered now he fears if he worsens down but still his desire to fight life is just too excellent he is a indeed gr8 fighter but he hardly earns enough money out of his saloon but mainly he is more happy now that he has given an second chance from life 2 fight out ataxia also he now even wills to encourage few more ataxians how to lead a gud life etc so hats off 2 him as his battle of self emloyment schemes given by public bank he was grt happy and now challenges & proven other ataxians if given chance will do gr8 favour instead of just pity & showing us wrong ideas that we cant battle life we r just few steps from happieness
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