My Journey for Knowledge by Abhinav Kedia

I was diagnosed with Friederich’s Ataxia (FA) at age 11.

I am a quadriplegic  without balance. I also have a pacemaker & diabetes.I am on insulin. My FA has progressed rapidly than usual FA patients bcoz of severity of my disability.

I need fair amount of help in bathing and dressinp up myself daily. Hence going to college after I graduated since 2003 seemed a great impossible hurdle.

I learned that vocational Rehabilitation may help due to financial constraints of my parents. But my focus was on studying further rather than personal care.

But even with my parent’s and my limitations  I applied for MBA from Delhi University who helped us a lot to study online.

After employing two helpers to take care of me whole day during my college,I had to hire an auto for daily visits of my attendant @ college campus for notes & books. Every thing looked good & pink but my helpers had to quit due to my health problems.

Luckily I met a student  coordinator who helped me out during whole MBA herself. She would assit me even for visiting washroom etc. She had 2 adjust her classes as per my schedule. Thus my first yr of MAB was completed & soon similarly with help of another student for my nxt yr I passed with high distinction thus fulfilling my desire 2 get a PG degree.

I think an educational institute would be better able to find reliable guides to assit those disabled who also desire to get a degree

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