MY MAIDEN TRIP TO POLAND. How I went as a fit youngster full of dreams and returned an Ataxian

ON 3RD JAN 2000 I boarded an AEROFLOT a RUSSIAN AIRLINE to Poland at midnight and landed in Poland on 4th afternoon. The areal view was beautiful, covered with clouds and the Earth down was also a sight to behold.

I went to Poland as an accountant in a textile firm named Moontex BL Trading. The company is owned by Mr Vinod Amarnani in association with the Polish government.

Mr Vinod’s brother in law came to pick me up at the airport. The firm was situated in the capital Warsaw.

My job was on contract basis for 3 years.

The weather was very cold and there was snowfall as I reached Poland. I enjoyed the first snowfall of my life.

Slowly I adjusted to the weather and the food. I am a pure vegetarian but due to shortage of vegetables in Poland I started eating non-veg.

I learnt Polish in six months and got adjusted to Poland. Slowly I got good treatment from my Indian and Polish colleagues.

Everything was normal and time passed very quickly and i completed one year of my job.

In my second year I went to Zomki where we started a firm named King-tex. I was assigned wholly and solely as incharge and took decisions myself.

On Sundays and holidays we used to roam the city and have good sight seeing.

One day in Zomki I suffered bad racial abuse. About 8 people came to the office and stle cash worth 5000 USD and about 10,000 in Zolty, the local currency by showing gun and knife. They robbed the firm in 20 minutes.

Anyway Poland is famous for mafias and I saw many mafias in my time there.

They have a black dress code and black shoes and drive black Mercedes.

For 3 years I shopped good for myself and my family.

After 3 years I started getting the symptoms of the rare neurological disease named Cerebral Ataxia.

There was not co-ordination with body and mind. I used to lose my body balance while walking and while sitting also.

As my contract got complete due to this rare disease I came back to India on 20th November 2003 by Italian Airlines via Milan.

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