Tips on how to cope

Drink lots of water daily, at least 2 or 3 ltrs as soon as you wake up wake from bed. Then stretch and loosen all our body parts joints etc so that further movements will be little easy.

Do physiotherapy regularly or if possible daily as per convenience. Lying on bed is also good but make it a habit to loosen yourself twice a day with small breathing exercises, rotation of hands & legs. Also few easy physio exercises clubbed with music to improve co ordination is a good idea.

Chalk out a time table and keep yourself as busy as possible. Read books, surf the net,  practise speech by talking to yourself to keep throat active.

Use chair to sit and brush in the morning to avoid falling or breaking the basin etc. Take a support stick, walker etc for walking because we shouldn’t injure ourselves and aggravate our life.

It is best to use a manual wheelchair not a motorised one because a motorised one makes us more lazy.

While changing clothes sit on chair or lean against wall for extra support do it slowly. During shaving also sit and shave.

Don’t stand and use the WC. For passing motion, try and use a urine pot/bag if unable to go alone when parents or caretakers are not around.

In an emergency crawl don’t walk alone. Try to be safe.

Eat slowly and avoid oily spicy food. Stick to a normal vegetarian diet. Stop non-veg, junk / instant foods as they make you put on weight. Try to control weight by diet management.

Stick to your routine mostly. Don’t plan extra, be practical and mainly belive in God. Spare atleast few hours for worship every day through God we increase our will power, we feel secure.

We must thank him for having kept us alive for all these years. He is always with us and without his grace, how could we do had planned like study etc? At every juncture, he takes care of us. Even when we fall he reduces the injury and does not allow us to get worse.

Increase your friends via the internet through networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook etc.

Join our Ataxia group. Register online on or mail us at or

You can also call me – +91 – 20-27143184 or +91 -9730895840

Forget depression! Its not an end 2to life, just a new era to begin in a special way.

And lastly, a polite request: Don’t spread Ataxia. Don’t marry and if already married, don’t have kids.

Hope floats! Help us to share help is the motto of our NGO, Samag.

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