SAMAG Core Vision & Responsibilities


We aspire to spread awareness on ataxia movement disorders , all other disabilities and provide awareness on social issues like barrier free environment, disability advocacy, provision of information on concessions provided to differently abled people to in our country. And also to conduct awareness events by organizing workshops on social issues like child labor, plastic wastes, save water and power. Promote the concept of green earth, environmental hazards, personality development classes, promotion of leadership recognition classes. Providing basic amenities to patients and counseling to lead them a meaning full life and also its SAMAG long term vision to establish a rehabilitation centre for the disabled.


To organize awareness meets at any group gatherings (colleges, religious places/ events)

To build up a team of like minded people to serve for the betterment of the society.

To build up a team of all the disabled people to create a common platform for them.

To share their views and ideas, to work and relax at their convenience.

To raise funds for the SAMAG society to fulfill their activities or to run the activities, to organize many such events to provide the minimum requirements which are faced by the differently abled people.

To provide skillful training sessions for all the like minded volunteers to update the latest information in the market.

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