Few years back when I was brooding due to lack of right direction to my life suddenly via the internet I came across SAMAG and Wow! What an experience I had!!!

Great motivators of my new phase of life (Swasti, Chandu & Nirmala) these new friends entirely changed my perspective of how to lead life as an Ataxian.

Samag is a common platform for all ataxia / muscular dystrophy patients across the globe & specially india within short span of 6 months i had 100 friends who were already sailing in the same boat but gleefully they were not thinking of what has happened but leading life with confidence and dignity.

The trio could be called role models to my new phase of life and when we visited Hyderabad (which is the head office of Samag) I explored new plans or got exact direction to my life.

All the guys made us very very happy. Apart from my family no one gave me platfrom to speak, sing etc during the meet. I felt those were best days of my new life.

Samag provided or rather gave me mike to speak up & that too amongst 50-80 members of society for more than five minutes. A unique gesture, I felt as if i was on cloud 9. I felt extemely proud to speak on the mike before the audience.

After the meet we also got small gifts, mementos, t shirts etc and after the event they even played antakshari for 1 hour.

The group of all volunteers made us and our families forget our sorrows.

That is when I felt that even if I try to make some one smile it would be my dream come true. We all are planning to open a rehab center or home for Ataxians to lead life in new dimensions.

Thus we  are looking out for more & more social workers activists who will help us to carry out our plans.

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