Who I am – Guru

I am Guruprasad Rao elder son of Mr.K.H.Rao. I was born normal to my mother, but in school days I was very slow. Since childhood I had a very stubborn nature. I had very few friends. But every one used to say that I was not fast, clever, intelligent like  others. Due to this my parents took one year earlier admission in school’s.

I was underweight till the age of 10 years. I am very cool & calm by
nature. As per my parents I have inferiority complex. I use to postpone all my things. I am very lazy and like to sleep.

I have no control on my mind and body. I have problem in understanding and expressing. I am fond of eating variety food.
I am a B.Com. Graduate and further I did diploma in computers and a short course in accountancy from Sterling Management. I always ask questions and have many doubts to clarify.

I feel I am unlucky in all matters. My first job was working as a junior accountant in a Chartered Accountant firm. I worked for more than six years and at last I went to Poland for 3 years on contract basis. In Poland I faced many problems regarding food, cold climate and began showing signs of the rare neurological disease called Ataxia. Ataxia means gait problems. Ataxia
means no coordination between mind and body. I have problem in balancing my body. In short I am like a car without brakes. There is no coordination between mind and body.

Right now I m unemployed and sitting idle at home.

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