Gift from God

Hello friends. I am Vivek aged 3o living with SPINO CEREBELLAR ATAXIA. It’s a rare gift given by God in disguise so I feel I am extremely lucky that Im the chosen one by God. Yes I will take what life shows me even in difficult phases of journey without any complaints but I will surely try to do some good work.

I feel being part of Ataxia group SAMAG SEEK A MIRACLE ATAXIA GROUP (PUNE CHAPTER) trying to lend my helping hands to those Ataxians who are in trauma thinking Ataxia is an end of our lives. No way! We will fight it bravely with a smile & make an impact on society.

We will make them understand that we are not aliens. We too are part of our sweet world but just small difference – we face lives in a bit special way as we are unable to handle the extra powerful gift given for serving humanity.

If I am able to convey even a few Ataxians that life is very precious don’t get depressed or feel awkward, and that we are not suffering from Ataxia but proud to live with it with dignity, I would done the duty God expects me to do.

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